With this software you can simulate seven types of noise. The Spectrum of the generated noises has the form :

S(f) = f a

a is a integer in { 2, 1 , 0 , -1 , -2, -3, -4}.

This program generates noise data of the following type :

  • White phase Noise
  • Flicker phase Noise
  • White frequency Noise
  • Flicker frequency Noise
  • Random Walk Frequency Noise
  • Random Walk Flicker FM
  • Random Run FM.


  1. The size of the generated data is unlimited.
  2. A Simple and powerfull Graphical User Interface.
  3. Save the generated noise in an ascii file.
  4. Very fast save to files. Data bigger than 300 MB are saved in less than 30 seconds
  5. Compute and plot (LogLog) of the Power Spectrum Density of the generatednoise.
  6. Fit of the Power Spectrum Density with a general power low
  7. Copy, print export and edit the generated plots and data.

Download the last (2003) version Alanoise3_setup.exe

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